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aboutJ. Brent Olmstead, the President/Owner of MPIdaho is a fourth-generation Idahoan with over 25 years of experience in public affairs throughout the Northwest. Brent serves on the Board of Directors for the College of Western Idaho Foundation and the Idaho Small Business Development Center. He also serves on the advisory boards for Homeland Security’s Food Safety Task Force, the Idaho Strategic Energy Alliance and the Food Safety and Modernization Task Force. MPIdaho and Mr. Olmstead are members of the Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry, Food Producers of Idaho and the Idaho Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Olmstead has advanced degrees in Business Administration and English.

MPIdaho has over 25 years of experience in Idaho government relations and over that period of time has been able to build the necessary relationships in all areas of state and local government to favorably represent our clients. The MPIdaho team has the expertise to represent your interests before the state public policy makers at both the executive and legislative levels as well as with the regulatory agencies in order to provide the most beneficial decisions possible.

Whether those interests are lobbying, state procurement contract assistance, issue development or a local government ordinance, MPIdaho has the ability and experience to develop a positive result.

We will focus on your needs with personal attention that you will not find in larger firms. The MPIdaho team is committed to helping you turn all your governmental affairs concerns into action. We strive to afford clients with a broad range of services that are tailored to meet particular needs. MPIdaho wants to join forces with you to see that your objectives have every chance for success.

By involving each client in the actual formulation of strategy we ensure your concerns are adequately addressed. Lobby Idaho’s team of professionals will take the time to understand your viewpoint. We will present your case with skill, integrity and the local knowledge needed for success.

Grass Roots Development

Manage the Issue:

Early identification of issues is vitally important in the development of a strategy in which to address the impact to our clients. MPIdaho participates in multiple statewide organizations and associations. This participation allows the MPIdaho team the ability to identify those issues that could have an impact – negative or positive – on our clients.

As a team we assess the importance of the issue and communicate that information to our clients with the intent of developing a strategy to address the issue at the proper level. Be it a rule making, a new regulation, court decision or anticipated legislation our clients are among the first to have knowledge of the issue and are in the best position to address it.

Social media has made a remarkable difference in approach for motivating the public in being involved in today’s issues. The public is more informed and knowledgeable than ever before on the issues impacting a community. However, most often, the organizational follow through is lacking.

At MPIdaho we employ an integrated approach to Grass Roots/Tops development that not only takes advantage of social media but also includes public relations, advertising, mass media and public events that garner the attention of both elected officials and the media.

MPIdaho utilizes grass roots development to emphasize the importance of an issue with the public to policy makers at the state or local level, while grass tops communication is used to highlight the impacts of the issue.

MPIdaho takes pride in being able to coordinate the grass roots/tops efforts on an issue with the lobbying message being delivered. Consistency, accuracy and timeliness are the goals of our organization when delivering the client’s message.

State Procurement

Let the government work for you:

MPIdaho has extensive experience with assisting clients who wish to do business with the state of Idaho. We have assisted multiple companies with both large multi-year service contracts as well as with sales contracts to state agencies.

The procurement system can be confusing and many contract bids are disallowed for not properly following the prescribed protocol. At MPIdaho we communicate not only with the Procurement Division of the Idaho Department of Administration but also with the state agency requiring the service.

We review the RFP with the client to best understand the needs of the state. We then assist the client with the development of the response to the RFP and how to position our client in order to have a successful bid.